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„I know my body,
do you know yours?“

Today, due to the abundance of information, there is more and more uncertainty about human health and physical performance. People are confused. Thousands of diets, miracle pills, training programs and more promise the path to success but fail constantly. Far too many people are stuck in a body which makes them feel fatigued and unsatisfied. The worst thing, they live a life beyond their true potential.

My mission is therefore to help athletes and future high performers get into superhuman shape both mentally and physically. By focussing on optimizing all 8 pillars of human health, people will finally be able to look, feel and perform the way they’ve always dreamed of. The most important thing however, I teach clarity. I teach clarity on how to handle their body forever. So people will have a lifetime knowledge about how to eat, sleep, act, train, think and breathe for optimal performance. Time to unlock your true potential.

Markus Schreyer
1 on 1 Coaching

Requirements for my coaching:
  You know your WHY. You want to finally figure what laws apply for your body You're open minded. You want to change your life forever. You're ready to put in the work.

How does my coaching work in detail?

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Free consulting call.

I’ll be glad to help you out. First we schedule a free consulting call to find out more about your current situation. Then in the next step, we’ll take a look at the actions necessary to reach your goals.

Personal video call

After our first contact, we’ll have a personal video call, where we’ll run through different assessment tools, as you will see in the next slides.



8 pillars of health questionnaire

The first thing we’ll do, is go through my 8 pillars of health questionnaire which you’ll fill out in advance to the call. The questionnaire delivers perfect insights about your current nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, training, mindset status and much more.


Verspannungen, muskuläre Dysbalancen, etc. wirken sich EXTREM negativ auf deine Optik, dein Wohlbefinden und deine Hormone aus.

Lab Analysis

In order to really get the maximum out of you, we will check your labs ​​including hormones, organ functions, nutrient deficiencies, etc.  To really make you a high performer, I don’t compare the results with the normal lab values, but rather with my OPTIMAL values.


Das Blut liefert wichtige Informationen bzgl. der Schilddrüse.

Personal nutrition strategy

Putting it all together, the first thing I’ll provide you with is a personal nutrition strategy based on your unique metabolism. There is not the perfect diet for everyone, only the perfect diet for you.



Diagnosis of food sensitivities

With which foods is your body at silent war with? The more intensively we work together, the better we can devote ourselves to this aspect of your health – because undiscovered food sensitivities make you fat, sick and tired.



Individual training program

To get you in superhuman shape, I’ll use the biochemical analysis, your neurotransmitter balance, and several other components to create a training program that’s going to deliver results you have never witnessed before.


Neurotransmitter Hormone Zyklus Training Sixpack

Mental Coaching

Illness, weight gain, candy addiction, … – EVERYTHING starts in the head – only 5% of your thoughts and actions are conscious – 95% are UNCONSCIOUS! During the coaching, we find the key to your subconscious and push your limits.



Ongoing support

I take you by the hand. Support via Whatsapp, phone, email, Skype, feedback questionnaires and status updates. Tracking of HRV, RHR, Sleep, Nutrition and much more – only through an ongoing support and PERSONAL CARE 7 days a week, MAXIMUM success is possible!

Abnehmen persönliches Coaching Gesundheit Darm Hashimoto Schilddrüse

Checkup appointments

In order to achieve your goal together, we have regular check-up appointments via video call. In those calls we’ll document your progress and initiate new measures.

Persönliches Coaching

Stunning lifestyle

After our time together you will finally be able to look, feel and perform the way they’ve always dreamed of. The best thing, you’ll have the strategy in hands on how to sustain your dream body and health for a lifetime.

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