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„What's your impossible,
let me help you reach it“

My mission is to help athletes and future high performers get into superhuman shape both mentally and physically. By focussing on optimizing the brain, our main operating system, quantum leaps in performance are possible.

Markus Schreyer
Hack your brain.

Optimizing brain function leads to
  Increased power output. Lasersharp focus. Better mobility. Optimized coordination. Improvements in vertical jump. Better overall health and well being. Less pain.

My big 3 for creating unstoppable athletes:

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Better brain, better athlete. Findings in neuroscience are revolutionizing the training and sports world. Maximum physical performance is only possible if the brain receives high-quality information from the eyes, the balance system and the body. Information acquisition and processing can be specifically trained with brain-based-training. Optimizing brain function leads to remarkable improvements in speed, strength, focus, coordination, balance and pain perception.

Functional medicine

Functional medicine views the body as a whole and deals with the root cause of complaints and weakness. This means that our organism is viewed as a holistic system and not just individual symptoms. In addition to many other factors, diet, nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, hormonal balance, gut health and much more play a big role.

Gesunde Ernährung

Strength Training

Designing a strength training program has to be tailored perfectly to the athletes body and particular sport. Biomechanics and teaching athletes how to move so they gain a perfect understanding of how their body is designed to function is key. Reducing the risk of injury and optimizing on-field performance are possible by creating strong and functional athletes.

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