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My mission in life is to help people become the best version of themselves.

How did it all start?

My passion for sports, nutrition and health developed already in my childhood years. As a teenager I realized that sport was more than just a hobby, it was my life. From football, basketball, skateboarding to track and field, I tried just about everything I could. My first book I wanted was, funny enough, the “Muscle Guide” by Frederic Delavier. Even then, I was simply thrilled by the human body and its functions.

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Health problems lead to nutrition

At the age of 10, I came into contact with the subject of nutrition for the first time, because of serious health problems. I had to fight eczema – a skin disease that spread throughout my body, even my face. Because I was so ashamed of the rashes, it even went so far that I did not want to go to school anymore. No doctor and no cream of the world could help me with my complaints. My pain and itching were unbearable and my self esteem sank into the basement.

My mother, who has always been very health focused, was very well informed about my condition as she could barely watch her child suffer so much. Therefore, she read extensively about eczema and found out that there might be a possibility to treat the disease with proper nutrition.

After undergoing a fundamental diet change under my mother’s supervision, my symptoms suddenly improved. I was relieved and felt liberated. At the same time, however, I was amazed at the impact that the right diet can have on our health and well-being. This experience had given me a good idea about the importance of nutrition and health at a young age.

Markus Schreyer Hormone

What is my educational background?

In the course of my youth, I started to be even more interested in health. So in my early 20’s, I decided to study Fitness & Health Management to make the dream come true and turn my hobby into a career. During my studies I completed some important licenses (nutrition, training, etc.). However, I quickly realized that although my studies offered me a very well-founded basic knowledge of nutrition, anatomy and physiology, I was hungry for more knowledge.

So I decided to attend as many seminars in nutrition, training, hormone health, mental training, lifestyle optimization, etc., to ensure maximum success for my clients. Also, the daily reading of  literature,  studies, etc. is one of my priorities to always stay ahead of the game. My hunger for knowledge even went so far that I was caught listening to podcasts during working hours and was terminated by my former student job. At that time a real shock, today I can smile about it.

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Combination of science and experience

To deliver world-class results, it is important to me to combine the scientific knowledge of health with the art of personal coaching. From my experience, I know that knowledge is only ONE part of the success. Only those who are able to implement the knowledge in an individual strategy with a common thread in the lives of real people is a 1A coach.

Here I see a big problem in today’s day and age.

Often, the strategies are perfect on paper but not applicable in real life. In my view, there are too many theory millionaires who are at the same time practice laymen.

In addition, there are too many SPECIALIZED experts who are well-educated in ONE area of ​​human health, but unfortunately have little understanding of other equally ESSENTIAL areas.

Dank der Kinesiologie lassen sich STÖRUNGEN und UNGLEICHGEWICHTE im Energiefluss deines Köpers rechtzeitig erkennen.

What is my mission?

My mission is therefore to give people clarity and safety once and for all, which laws apply to their bodies. It is important to me to cover all pillars of human health and at the same time work out a holistic knowledge for their individual body, which they can use for a lifetime.

One thing I’ve found out in my coaching career: Every human being is absolutely unique and only an individual and holistic approach leads to breakthrough success!

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Markus Schreyer

Coach Markus Schreyer
Health Coach and expert for human performance

My mission is to help people live a life in a body they have always dreamed of.

The lifelong manual for your body.

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