Das Blut liefert wichtige Informationen bzgl. der Schilddrüse.
Blood analysis
Blood Analysis

Why blood?

“Blood is a very special juice!” Mephisto already said in Goethe’s Faust. Without the five to six liters of blood flowing through our bodies day in and day out, survival would not be possible. There are many important metabolites in the blood that deliver us extremely important secrets about your current health situation.

The lab values ​​provide us with wonderful information about organ functions, hormones, sugar metabolism, possible nutrient deficiencies, lipid levels and much more.


Die Werte liefern uns eine wunderbare Auskunft  über Organfunktionen, Hormone, Zuckerstoffwechsel, mögliche Nährstoffmängel, Lipid Level und vieles mehr.

The main problem with blood tests …

For all laboratory values ​​there is a given standard range. Findings within this range are considered normal. If the value is not within this specified range, there is a clinical disorder.

Example: TSH a thyroid marker – depending on the laboratory, reference ranges between 0.27 and 4.2 mU / l will be found. If for example a patient has a value of 4.0 mU / l which is clinically considered healthy, most of the time nothing will be done in terms of treatment.

I feel terrible, but my values ​​are in the norm …

In about 80% of all laboratory tests, a large part of the values ​​is in the standard range.

I often find that a whole range of laboratory values ​​are in the standard, but not in the OPTIMAL range! Which means many people may not be sick but they aren’t really healthy either! Conversely, this means that many options for optimal body function remain on the track.

“It’s all just an illusion, your healthy!”

Since the laboratory is a high priority in today’s medicine, there is a risk that signs of a disease are often overlooked, or interpreted as a mental disorder. For many people an absolute nightmare.

Die Werte liefern uns eine wunderbare Auskunft  über Organfunktionen, Hormone, Zuckerstoffwechsel, mögliche Nährstoffmängel, Lipid Level und vieles mehr.

A sad example:

Recently, I had a customer in whom a misdiagnosis has led to a long-standing battle with doctors, alternative practitioners, etc.

He went to the doctor years ago because he was struggling with chronic fatigue, low libido, depressive moods and general listlessness.

The diagnosis: depression.

In addition to a talk therapy, he was prescribed antidepressants, which did not improve his condition, but significantly worsened. As a result of taking antidepressants, he now had to deal with liver issues, which drove his condition completely against the wall. He wandered from doctor to doctor, from healer to healer, but no one could really help him.

When he came to me, he was completely desperate and cut off, because he was convinced that not only his psyche was the trigger for his symptoms. After our first appointment and a comprehensive medical history I had a guess – thyroid problems. In men very rare, but many symptoms suggested there could be an issue.

After an analysis of the thyroid levels on the blood, including the thyroid antibodies came the result: Hashimoto – an autoimmune disease against the thyroid gland.

Now the cause of the symptoms was crystal clear. After the intensive care and a fundamental change of lifestyle factors (nutrition, sleep, sport, …) he finally got uphill, which made me happy for him.

This is a sad example and certainly not an isolated case. Millions of people are wandering around with undetected blockages, illnesses, etc. and are more than desperate.

I hope you now recognize why it is so important to interpret symptoms correctly and ALWAYS work on the root cause.