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9 out of 10 employees are stressed!

Healthy and efficient employees form the basis for a successful and economically strong company. In today’s world of increasing demands on performance, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep workers’ health and motivation alive. Above all, the burnout rate has increased dramatically in the last 10 years.

This is confirmed, among other things, by a recent survey by Pronova BKK:

Six out of ten respondents regularly complained of typical burnout symptoms such as prolonged fatigue, inner tension and back pain.

Almost nine out of ten are stressed out by their work. Partly so strong that already warning signs for a burn-out occur. More than half of the workers suffer at least occasionally from back pain, persistent fatigue, inner tension, listlessness or sleep disturbances.

“These are all possible symptoms of a burn-out,” says dr. Gerd Herold, Consultant of pronova BKK. According to the study, 50 percent of employees therefore also consider themselves to be at a moderate to high burnout risk. One in seven sees in itself the danger of completely burning out.

For many entrepreneurs, it would be a dream to have always motivated employees, who are hardly ill and at the same time healthy living.

Time to act!

For this reason, more and more innovative companies rely on professional support in the field of health optimization of employees. My customers include u. a. Owayo, Allianz, and much more.

What does a company look like with me?

My job is to make this dream vision a reality. For this reason, in addition to daily workshops and group coaching, I also offer lectures for companies that deal intensively with all my 8 pillars of health. Here I treat u. a. the topics:

  • everyday nutrition
  • movement
  • hormonal balance
  • sleep optimization
  • stress management
  • increased productivity
  • and much more.

Practical tips for more sales

It is always great fun for employees and bosses to get to know the different components of human health. At the same time, I see it as my task not only to entertain, but above all to provide tips and tricks that can be immediately integrated into everyday life. Implementation means improvement, that’s why the practical part is especially important to me.

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