Lebensmittelunverträglichkeiten Lebensmittelsensitivitäten Immunreaktion
Food Sensitivities

Do you know your silent food intolerances?

The interesting and at the same time difficult issue is that intolerances do not always show acute, but express itself subtle over the months and years.

The consequences of undiscovered food intolerances are manifold:

  • chronic fatigue
  • digestive problems
  • headache, migraines
  • weight gain
  • water retention
  • sinus problems
  • muscle loss

I often hear statements like “I can handle every food!”, But during the coaching session we’ll discover, that this is not quite the case.

That is why, in my view, it is one of the most important ingredients that must be taken into account in every good nutritional plan.

Lebensmittelunverträglichkeiten Lebensmittelsensitivitäten Immunreaktion

Weight gain because of vegetables?

In the past I had to realize to my horror that supposedly healthy food, such as broccoli, avocados or tomatoes, more often than thought, cause problems.

I took care of e.g. once a lady who had severe problems with water retention and her weight. After we had done pretty much everything for 3 weeks and nothing did improve, I took a critical look at her food diary. One thing I noticed – she had broccoli on the menu almost every day. So I had a suspect – broccoli.

After numerous back and forth tests, regarding her biofeedback, my assumption had been confirmed. Once the broccoli was out of the diet, the water retention was gone. From the time she ate broccoli again, they came back.

That’s why I have to ask myself: if even “healthy” vegetables like BROCCOLI can cause a harm in our bodies, how do I know what’s REALLY good for me?

Lebensmittelunverträglichkeiten Lebensmittelsensitivitäten Immunreaktion

Blood tests for intolerances are they worth it?

There is a possibility to test intolerances via the blood, but these tests are unfortunately often very  inaccurate!

One example – GLUTEN: You can be tested for gluten intolerance – however, often only antibodies to a specific portion of gluten are tested here – often only ALPHA-gliadin, often ignoring omega, gamma-gliadin, wheatgerm agglutinin etc.

This means the result provides information regarding ONE part of gluten.

But what if you have problems with ANOTHER component of gluten?

Then maybe for years you have an undiscovered incompatibility, which makes you secretly tired, fat and driveless.

In addition, many of my clients report that they once had done an intolerance test, but found that the obvious sensitivities they had were not diagnosed.

A client of mine for example had, according to test result, no problem with eggs, every time she ate eggs, however, her body reacted with intolerance symptoms.

You see – it is very difficult to determine your incompatibilities ONLY through the blood. They offer clues, nothing more.

How do we find out your food sensitivities ?

I consider the diagnosis of food sensitivities as a week-long process, in which a lot of fine work must be done. Here, I mainly use documenting biofeedback markers and a strategic application of a nutrition diary, to correctly interpret symptoms and diagnose every minor intolerance in you.

That’s how we can reliably discover, which foods do your body harm and how you should eat to function at the highest level possible.