Mentalcoaching Markus Schreyer Mindset
Mental Coaching

Mental Coaching

Are you in control of yourself?

Recent studies show that we are not excessively exposed to our genes and should not rely on frightening forecasts. We have much more control over our health and our lives than we were taught. EVERY one of us has untapped potential just waiting to be awakened!

Do you often behave unconsciously and remotely?

Our present situation is for the most part the product of our emotions and thoughts. Only 5% of our thoughts and actions are aware, 95% unconscious. Countless patterns of behavior, beliefs, illnesses, etc. are therefore products of our subconscious mind.

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How would you feel to say NO to sweets and other seductions with a calm mind?

Even negative habits, for example consuming chocolate or sweets is often not a rational decision, but a consequence of automated habits of the past.

I’ve never heard anyone say, “Last night I couldn’t stop eating brussles sprouts”. Your CONSCIOUSNESS knows that certain foods like sweets and chocolate are loaded with sugar, but that does not matter to your unconscious mind. It will crave after the dopamine kick until you stimulate it!

Are you stuck?

Every day we have about 70,000 thoughts, 90% of which are the same as the day before.

The fact is: for most of our lives, we think the SAME thoughts, make the SAME decisions that lead us to the SAME behaviors. These, in turn, give us the SAME experiences, which lead us to the constantly SAME emotions. Therefore, it is important to break out of the well-known NEURONAL PATTERNS once and for all.

Mentalcoaching Markus Schreyer Mindset

Study: Mental training in practice …

An example of the connection between mind and body shows a study on the increase in muscle power through mental training alone.

A group of participants should work out every day by pulling and relaxing a finger of the left hand. The second group should do the same, but only in their minds. In the end, the force was measured in the respective finger.

Not surprisingly, the muscle power of the first group that physically worked out, increased by 30%.

The sensation was provided by the second group, which only trained mentally: Here, an increase in strength of 22% was measured. Without really working out, they changed their physical output for the better!

Mentalcoaching Markus Schreyer Mindset

How are body and mind related?

Body and mind must ALWAYS be in harmony. An example:

If you have problems with your gut flora, you will tend to have problems with the formation of your “happiness hormone” serotonin. Conversely, this will result in you missing the “raw material” for positive thoughts. Due to the lack of serotonin, it will be difficult for you to have a positive mindset, no matter how much you work on a mental level.

So it all depends on how you see it all together:

A healthy body creates healthy thoughts – healthy thoughts create a healthy body.