Konzentrationsprobleme Depressionen Darm
Brain fog
Organ Health, 01. December 2018

Brain fog? Blame it on your gut

Concentration problems, brain fog? Your gut is to blame.

  • “What did I want to do again?”
  • “I wanted to say something to you now, but I forgot it!”
  • “Damn, now I forgot XYZ again!”
  • “I can not remember anything!”
  • “Every time I want to concentrate, I digress mentally!”

Epidemic: Brain fog!

Maybe the above phrases are familiar to you. Many people suffer from concentration problems, thought holes, chronic fatigue, etc. Often this condition is pushed to the missing, or diminishing memory. Unfortunately, you’ll hear these statements more and more often by young people who actually should have no problems with the memory.

While one of the factors for the concentration problems is certainly our dopamine addiction (smartphone, emails, whatsapp, Instagram), there is another, often completely overlooked, cause of brain performance issues. We are talking about our gut flora.

Konzentrationsprobleme Depressionen Darm

Your gut flora affects your brain power!

The intestine is the place where the most important neurotransmitters (brain messengers) are formed. If we have a problem with our gut flora, such as dysbiosis, a parasite infection, fungal colonization, etc., it will be extremely difficult for our body to produce the raw materials for optimal brain performance.

One aspect that is being investigated more and more is the relationship between depression and the gut. Serotonin, in particular, our brain messenger for relaxation, happiness and serenity, is produced to a large extent in the intestine. If there are problems, it becomes more and more difficult for affected persons to experience the state of being happy, biochemically.

Often in these cases antidepressants, therapies, etc. might not be necessary, if you would have fixed the gut first.

Konzentrationsprobleme Depressionen Darm

Inhibited nutrient absorption due to intestinal problems

A big problem that additionally arises when we have a “bad” gut is the inhibited uptake of nutrients. First of all, our B vitamins. As you may know, B vitamins (the full spectrum!) Are essential for our nerves and concentration. If the resorption is not guaranteed, you will also run the risk of having trouble concentrating due to a lack of nutrients.

Nährstoffmängel Depressionen

There is no miracle pill for your gut!

The key points to improve the gut, as so often are lifestyle factors (diet, sleep, exercise, hormones, etc.). Many people always hope for the miracle pill, the miracle drug, and so on. While certain supplements absolutely have their place, the lifestyle factors must first be brought into balance to see a significant improvement!

Coach Markus