Morning routine
Routines, 18. November 2018

The perfect morning routine!

The perfect morning routine

Properly implementing routines can change your life forever. A routine I care about enormously is the morning routine. Why a proper morning routine is so critical and what my morning routine looks like, you will find out today.

Why do you need a morning routine?

I always tell my clients:

If you master the morning, you master the day.

If you master the day, you master the week.

If you master the week, you master the month.

If you master the month, you master the year.

If you master the year, you master your life.

Do you need more reasons?

Okay, you get it. The morning is the perfect timing for reprogramming yourself. This is mainly because we are extremely manipulable right after getting up. I’ll give you a negative example for this.

What do most people do right after getting up?

Right. They look at their mobile and check out what’s new. Now imagine you check your Instagram feed and the first thing you see is news about a terrorist attack. You click on the picture and you think, “What a cruel world we’re living in high now!” You subconsciously program yourself on negativity. Not the best way to start the day.

The power of alpha brainwaves …

As you may know, depending on your mood and activity, our brain vibrates at different frequencies. Immediately after getting up, the amount of alpha brainwaves in the brain is actually pretty high. In the alpha state, we have among other things an increased ability to remember and learn. This is perfect for giving your subconscious a lot of new impulses, as you will have enormous learning skills shortly after waking up.

What does my morning routine look like?

My morning routine is simple but extremely effective. The most important thing in my opinion, what I do NOT do in the morning, is to look at my phone! This is what my morning routine looks like in practice:

Immediately after getting up, I practice a short meditation. Hereby I mentally make a short check-in into my body. (Duration: 3 minutes)

Afterwards, I put my thoughts on paper by using a daily journal. This focuses my focus on my goals and today’s tasks. (Duration: 2 minutes)

Then I go to the kitchen and drink a big glass of water with lime juice and some Himalaya salt. This gives energy and power and counteracts possible dehydration. (Duration: 2 minutes)

Then I go to the fresh air and take a short morning walk. This gets the circulation going and puts fresh oxygen in the lungs. (Duration: 5-10 minutes)

Finally, I practice about 5 minutes of some stretching exercises and then go to the gym. This assures me that I will stay fit and start the day optimally.

So I have about 20 minutes in the morning where I only deal with myself and align my consciousness correctly. Most people do not even take a minute for themselves. While almost no-one goes out without first looking in the mirror for a moment, most people leave the house without even looking inside for a moment. Sad but true.

Time for change:

You are welcome to pick one of my activities and integrate it into your morning routine. I guarantee you, it will provide you with a positive added value and increase your well-being. Afterwards you can of course continue to expand your morning routine.


My appeal to you – take at least 3-5 minutes for you in the morning and manipulate yourself in a positive sense. This is how you optimally align your consciousness with success and you succeed in integrating much more mindfulness in your entire daily routine.

Have fun trying! 🙂

Coach Markus